The Tadpoles of IC410

Among stars and interstellar matter in the Milky Way, in constellation of Auriga there is hydrogen cloud cataloged as IC410. Inside this there is two remarkable features called the tadpoles. These are partly obscured by foreground dust, and surrounds NGC1893 – a young galactic cluster of stars. The cluster has formed a mere 4 million years ago and contain intensely hot and bright stars that energize the glowing gas. Tadpoles are composed of denser and cooler gas ans dust. These were sculpted by winds and radiation from the cluster stars, their heads are outlined by bright ridges of ionized gas while their trails trail away from the cluster central region. This region of star formation lies some 10,000 light years away, and Tadpoles features are about 10 light years long.

I made images below over five nights in January and February, 2018 between other projects. They all were made with ACF 10″ telescope and QHY163M camera on EQ6 mount at my backyard. Usually these days seeing was good, but transparency was poor. Subframes exposure times were 300s for narrowband and 60s for RGB images. It is total 300 minutes of Ha, 90 minutes of Oiii and 50 minutes of RGB.

The Tadpoles of IC410 in hydrogen alpha band
Tadpoles in IC410 – composition of Ha, Oiii and RGB images

Clear skies!

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