Perseus in California

Well, actually it is vice versa – California nebula in Perseus constellation. It is large emission nebula, it spans almost 2.5 degree long over the sky, that is 5 times larger than apparent Moon diameter. My setup provides only 1.4 degree field of view, so I was not able to catch whole nebula in one frame. Maybe a mosaic is an answer? Molecular hydrogen in NGC1499 California nebula is excited to shine red by Menkib star (outside of the picture below).

Here is so far 300 minutes of exposure made at my backyard. Ususal suspects in the setup – Photoline 130mm refractor, EQ6 mount and QHY163M camera. I collected this frame on November, 21st 2016.

And second picture is hydrogen alpha plus some RGB color for stars. I collected this on December, 17th. 12 frames for 3 minutes for each of RGB filters.

NGC1499 California nebula in Perseus
NGC1499 California nebula in Perseus

Large versionĀ

NGC1499 California nebula in HaRGB
NGC1499 California nebula in HaRGB

Large version hereĀ

Clear skies!

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