Enchanting hydrogen

Today’s gem nickname is Wizard, due to its shape that resembles medieval magician. The official nebula symbol is Sh2-142 at Sharpless catalog, and embedded open star cluster is NGC7380. Its pretty young cluster, stars age is estimated for 4-5 million years. The surrounding molecular cloud is excited to shine by DH Cephei binary eclipse system of two super hot stars of spectral types O5.5+O6. O type stars are very rare, it is estimated to be only 0.00003% of whole stars population. 
Also a few carbon stars have been recorded, you can try to look for them at enlarged picture. These will be as very red small spots.
Shot from my backyard with 130mm refractor. 500 minutes of Ha and 180 minutes of RGB.

Wizard 500 minutes of hydrogen alpha
Wizard 500 minutes of H alpha plus 180 minutes RGB
Wizard 500 minutes of H alpha plus 180 minutes RGB



Full size here https://astrojolo.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/2016-09-15-7380HRGB-1.jpg 

Clear skies!

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