Not so long time ago two entries preseting monochromatic hydrogen alpha images appeared at my blog. These were Cygnus Wall in NGC7000 and Lagoon and Trifid nebulae. Now both of these frames are enriched with color that comes from wideband RGB filters and narrowband filters: hydrogen alpha and oxygen III.

Lagoon and Trifid nebulae in Sagittarius.
Lagoon and Trifid nebulae in Sagittarius.
NGC7000 Cygnus Wall in Cygnus
NGC7000 Cygnus Wall in Cygnus

At the first glimp of an eye both images look very different. This is due to the images scale. First one was made using Samyang 135mm f/2 telephoto lens. Second one was made with Meade 10″ ACF telescope at effective focal length 1830mm. So this second image covers less than 1% of the area captured in the first image (and of course of the different part of the sky 🙂 )

But actually both captured areas have lot of things in common. They both present molecular clouds of interstellar matter. They both show fragment of the Milky Way. Both are rich in emission nebula gases but also in dark matter. New stars are being born in both imaged areas. And both images were captured with similar technique – using monochromatic camera and the same set of filters: RGB color ones, and narrowband Ha and Oiii. It is amazing how Universe is different and similar in the same time when observed in totally different scale.

Large versions:

Cygnus Wall image technical data:
Date:       28-31 August, 2019
Location:   Nieborowice, Poland
Telescope:  Meade ACF 10"
Corrector:  AP CCDT67
Camera:     QHY163M, gain 100
Mount:      SW EQ6
Guiding:    SW 80/400 + ASI290MM
Exposure:   Ha 200x2 minutes, Oiii 75x2 minutes, RGB 50:40:40 x 30 seconds
Conditions: seeing good, transparency average
Lagoon and Trifid image technical data:
Date: 1-3 August 2019
Location: Tenerife, North
Telescope: Samyang 135/2 @ f/2.8
Camera: QHY163M, gain 100
Mount: iOptron SmartEQ Pro
Guiding: 30mm guidescope + ASI290MM
Exposure: H alpha 50x120 seconds, Oiii 20x120 seconds, RGB 40:30:40 x 30 seconds
Conditions: transparency good, Moon

Clear skies!