Cocooned with interstellar medium

Three years ago using Canon DSLR and newtonian telescope I pictured Cocoon nebula . At last star party in Zatom I decided to get back to this item. Cocoon is placed about 4000 light years away in the constellation of Cygnus and consists of several parts – symbol IC5146 corresponds to the star cluster there. Hydrogen emission nebulosity is denominated in the Sharpless catalog as Sh2-125, and the whole area is surrounded with dust. A little to the right there is small vdB147 nebula, and large, dark cloud in the right part of the picture (and well beyond this frame) is Barnard 168 nebula.
In Zatom I was able to collect 2.5h of luminosity frames, and 1h of red channel. Remaining blue and green channels plus another 2.5h of luminosity I gathered at my backyard.
Shot with Atik383 camera and TS130/910 refractor with 0.79x reducer.

Cocoon nebula complex in the Milky Way.
Cocoon nebula complex in the Milky Way.

Clear skies!

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