As faint as Lion

Sharpless catalog is a list of 313 HII regions (that are emission nebulae) visible in the northern hemisphere from declination -27 degrees. Most of these objects are quite faint and in the same time pretty large, so they are tricky targets for visual observations, but quite tempting targets for astrophotography.
One of Sharpless items – Sh2-132 is an emission nebula located in the border of Cepheus and Lacerta constellations. It is placed about 10000 light years away in the Perseus Arm of our Galaxy. It is sometimes called by astrophotographers a Lion Nebula.
Picture below was made with Atik383 camera and two instruments: 30 exposures 10 minutes each with 200/800 newton, and 35×10 minutes with TS 130/910 apogun. It is monochrome hydrogen alpha channel, more colors to come 🙂

Sharpless 132 nebula (Lion Nebula)
Sharpless 132 nebula (Lion Nebula)

Clear skies!

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