AstroLink 4.0 mini device has been created to make astrophotographers' life easier. This small box merges several useful functionalities in one device:

  • focuser stepper motor control (both bipolar and unipolar, Robofocus compatible. Microstepping available with additional module)
  • advanced temperature compensation with scripting support and compensation calculator
  • DC focuser motor control (compatible with SW Motofocus)
  • PWM regulated outputs to control dew/mirror heaters, fans or custom peltier cooling custom adaptations with built in temperature controller
  • 12V switchable on/off power outputs to control setup components
  • 3-10V regulated voltage output
  • temperature/humidity and temperature sensors to monitor these values, calculate dew point and control heaters and peltier cooling
  • sky temperature / cloud coverage sensor (optional)
  • manual control with optional hand controller
  • monitor voltage and current consumption plus energy consumed (for battery powered field setups)
  • programmable overcurrent and overvoltage protection
  • measured values charts
  • compensation calculator

Device can be powered with DC voltage in range 11-14V. Total current drawn from all AstroLink 4 mini outputs cannot exceed 10A. Device is controlled with dedicated software AstroLink 4 panel, but is also exposed four ASCOM interfaces that can be controlled with a 3rd party software in the same time AstroLink 4 panel  software is connected. ASCOM interfaces are also available for scripting to automate acquisition process.

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