AstroLink 4 mini downloads

AstroLink 4.0 mini manual:

Download AstroLink 4.0 mini Quick Start Guide (PDF)

AstroLink 4.0 mini software:

Firmware version 4.2.0 requires panel version 4.2.0 or higher to work properly. Additionally Local Server version 1.1.0 is required if you want to use sky temperature sensor.

Release notes:


Local Server 1.1.0
 – sky temperature sensor in ASCOM Observing Conditions added

 – support for sky temperature sensor added
 – save/load AstroLink panel configuration added
 – focuser backlash compensation
 – sensors now can be hot plugged

Older software versions:


Release notes:

Local Server 1.0.2
 – ASCOM Switch driver fix 

Local Server 1.0.1
 – ASCOM DC focuser driver added
 – ASCOM Switch driver added
 – ASCOM Observing Conditions driver added4.1.0
 – added overcurrent and overvoltage protection
 – user interface clean up
 – reset device settings to factory defaults option added
 – startup PWM values fix

 – added overcurrent and overvoltage protection
 – user interface clean up
 – added option to reset device settings to factory defaults
 – startup PWM value fix

 – panel: added AstroLink charts
 – panel: added Compensation calculator
 – device: changed DS sensor precision

 – panel: added option to manually compensate focuser temperature drift
 – panel: added option to set start up values for PWM outputs
 – device: adaptation to new panel functions

 – panel: fixed not restored stepper values
 – panel: minimize button
 – device: fixed blocked PWM and power outs bug

 – added temperature change monitoring with alerts
 – PID controller replaced with more lightweight solution
 – improved stepper motor control

AstroLink 4 mini communication protocol (work in progress)

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