Forsaken clusters

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Do you know any object in Canis Minor (Little Dog) constellation? Procyon star, of course! And deeps sky object? Hmm, not really… unless you mean NGC2394. This is small bunch of stars, probably ... Read More

M1 Crab – born in 1054

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M1 Crab nebula – first item in the Charles Messier catalogue. Messier was a comet hunter who created catalogue of fuzzy objects in the sky, so they will no longer be mistaken with comet. M1 nebu... Read More

Winter open clusters

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NGC1662 is an open cluster in Orion. It has been discovered by William Herschel in 1784. Lies about 1400 light years from Earth, and with apparent magnitude 6.4mag and apparent diameter about 15 arc m... Read More


Nope, no M97 this time. Its NGC457 star open cluster in Cassiopeia. Plus NGC436 little sister. Both are relatively young clusters – first one is about 20 millions year old, smaller one is four t... Read More