Barnard 145

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Last year in late summer I started to image dark nebula from Barnard catalogue. And I felt in love with them quickly. Emission nebulae shapes are maybe more interesting, but this dust clouds that make... Read More

M5 in snake’s head

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Globular clusters are more less all the same – bunch of a few hundreds thousands stars packed in a sphere of 50-150 light years diameter, so pretty dense. If we live in a system placed in a glob... Read More

Messier 35

Almost two years ago I made some wide field pictures, and caught in the same time Messier 35 open cluster. This time M35 and its tiny neighbour NGC2158 were my main targets. A few days ago I pointed t... Read More

Dark SeaHorse

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This is kind of lost nebula – I collected photons to this frame in September, 2016, then processed them, and forgot to blog it 🙁 So it is not really winter sky object, but, well, its time has... Read More