Messier 35

Almost two years ago I made some wide field pictures, and caught in the same time Messier 35 open cluster. This time M35 and its tiny neighbour NGC2158 were my main targets. A few days ago I pointed t... Read More

WeBo1 and Mel15

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Do you remember december molecular trophies? There were hydrogen alpha only band of Melotte 15 open cluster in the middle of the Heart nebula IC1805. I collected some more – oxygen III band and ... Read More

Yet another fast changer

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Last night again I pointed telescope to a variable star for 120 minutes. This time it was V0799 Aur variable ( ) . This one is of typ... Read More

Huge and fast

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Among plethora of variable stars there is large subset of really fast changers. It is really amazing, how these huge blobs of plasma can change their brightness significantly in the range of minutes. ... Read More

Dark SeaHorse

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This is kind of lost nebula – I collected photons to this frame in September, 2016, then processed them, and forgot to blog it 🙁 So it is not really winter sky object, but, well, its time has... Read More

Crazy Egeria

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Last night I spent on photometry of (13) Egeria asteroid. It is large and irregular object that rotates with period of 7.045 hours, so during winter night it is possible to record more than one rotati... Read More