Messier 46 and two bubbles

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Messier 46 is an open cluster in Puppis constellation. It is pretty low above horizon at my location, so I needed to wait for convenient moment to catch it. This moment has come at the end of March th... Read More

Stars among stars

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Short summer nights plus half full Moon are not a good candidates for deep sky imaging. Spring galaxies requires much exposure time, and narrowband targets are still to come later in the year. So let&... Read More

May in the Moon

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It’s getting close to summer solstice. Nights are shorter and shorter, and there is also growing Moon in the sky – not a good time for deep sky observers at higher northern latitudes. We n... Read More

OAG vs guidescope

There are already some happy users of premium telescope mounts that do not need to use any guiding at all. But still most people who deal with astroimaging are obligated to guide their setups for long... Read More

Needle mono

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It’s been already over a month since I have collected photons to the picture below. It is 120 minutes of luminance only of pretty well known Needle Galaxy – that is NGC4565 in the constell... Read More