May in the Moon

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It’s getting close to summer solstice. Nights are shorter and shorter, and there is also growing Moon in the sky – not a good time for deep sky observers at higher northern latitudes. We n... Read More

Moon 2017 season opening

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Last night sky was partially cloudy, however Moon has been smiling to me so nice, that I could not resist and set up little bit dusty SCT8″ with CG5GT mount and pointed telescope there. Actually... Read More

Crazy Egeria

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Last night I spent on photometry of (13) Egeria asteroid. It is large and irregular object that rotates with period of 7.045 hours, so during winter night it is possible to record more than one rotati... Read More

As close as 353636km

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Distance to the Moon varies between 356 and 406 thousands of kilometers (measured to Earth center). Last night I pictured our natural satellite one day before full Moon, and the distance between me an... Read More

Imperfect Sun

AR12546 is the symbol of sunspot group (Active Region) that has been passing over sun disk since one week. It is pretty huge and can be spotted without any optical instrument but WITH some kind of sol... Read More