Messier 46 and two bubbles

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Messier 46 is an open cluster in Puppis constellation. It is pretty low above horizon at my location, so I needed to wait for convenient moment to catch it. This moment has come at the end of March th... Read More

Stars among stars

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Short summer nights plus half full Moon are not a good candidates for deep sky imaging. Spring galaxies requires much exposure time, and narrowband targets are still to come later in the year. So let&... Read More

Messier 35

Almost two years ago I made some wide field pictures, and caught in the same time Messier 35 open cluster. This time M35 and its tiny neighbour NGC2158 were my main targets. A few days ago I pointed t... Read More

Rosette emission

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Rosette emission nebula is extreme. It is actually a complex that consists of hot, young stars (about 2500 of them are there), molecular hydrogen clouds and dark dusts. The nebula mass is estimated to... Read More

Hydrogen Phantom Mask

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This one is HII molecular hydrogen cloud in Perseus arm of our Galaxy. It’s Sharpless number is Sh2-173, and can be found in Cassiopeia close to NGC103 open cluster (at the frame bottom). Pretty... Read More