Heart of the Heart

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IC1805 Heart nebula in Cassiopeia is well known hydrogen cloud, very appreciated by astroimagers. This object is placed 6000 light years away. In its apparent center there is very young open star clus... Read More

(367) Amicitia

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Amicitia is typical main belt asteroid. It orbits the Sun during 3 years and 112 days in average distance of 2.22 astronomical units (about 340 mln km). It was discovered in 1893 and its apparent magn... Read More

NGC2683 galaxy in Lynx

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NGC2683 (nickname “UFO Galaxy”) was discovered by William Herschel (who else 🙂 ) on February 5, 1788. This one is placed about 20 million light years away, and can be found in the const... Read More

Into the Orion Nebula

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M42 Orion Nebula is well known even for people who are not into the astronomy. M42 can be seen with naked eye, and it is probably the most often imaged deep sky object in the night sky, but also the m... Read More

1321 Majuba photometry

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(1321) Majuba is one of very many asteroids in the Solar System. It orbits around Sun with the period of 5 years and 21 days in the average distance of 2.95AU (about 450 mln km). Diameter of this aste... Read More


In December 2017 and January 2017 there will be three supermoons 🙂  And supermoon is a full Moon that approximately conicides with the closest distance between Moon and Earth. I made the pictu... Read More